Data services

We provide data on retail (pump) prices for 95-octane gasoline and diesel fuel in over 100 countries and 300 cities around the world. Please visit the about us page to learn more about our data, our clients and media presence.

Subscribe to receive the latest data by e-mail

At the end of every month or quarter we calculate the fuel price averages for that period and send the data by e-mail to our subscribers. The data are in excel files with the country names, country ISO codes, the currency names and the fuel prices. Some clients also want to receive the period average USD or EURO exchange rates to convert the fuel prices to a common currency or/and crude oil prices to see how those affect fuel prices. For them we include these series in the same excel file.

The cost of those subscriptions depends of the number of countries and fuel types. Please contact us for pricing and other details.

Download data in Excel

You can download custom data sets based on a selection of countries, data frequency, and time period. The cost of the data sets depends on your specific needs. Visit our data download page for more information.

API access to our latest data via XML

The data feed automatically transfers the latest numbers (no historical data) to your server where you can use them as you wish. For more information, visit our API page.

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