Hong Kong Gasoline prices, 30-Jan-2023

Hong Kong Gasoline prices
Litre Gallon
 HKD 23.090 87.405
 USD 2.945 11.148
 EUR 2.711 10.262
U.S. Gallon
Gasoline prices per litre, octane-95: We show prices for Hong Kong from 24-Oct-2022 to 30-Jan-2023. The average value for Hong Kong during that period was 23.09 Hong Kong Dollar with a minimum of 23.09 Hong Kong Dollar on 24-Oct-2022 and a maximum of 23.09 Hong Kong Dollar on 24-Oct-2022. For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 14.62 Hong Kong Dollar. Use the drop menu to see the prices in gallons.

The gasoline prices for Hong Kong are for octane-98 gasoline as octane-95 gasoline is not currently sold in the area. That corresponds to premium gasoline in Europe where, according to our data, the price difference between regular and premium gasoline is about 7 percent. We are, however, not sure if the price difference would have been the same in Hong Kong if octane-95 gasoline was offered. Moreover, customers can obtain various discounts and offers as provided by some oil companies in different ways.

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