Buying gasoline on minimum wage

(August 23, 2016)

The chart shows how many liters of gasoline a minimum monthly wage can buy in 102 countries around the world. To compute the numbers, we use minimum wage data from the International Labor Organization and our fuel price data set.

The rankings are topped by Saudi Arabia with 3333 liters of gasoline mostly due to its heavily subsidized fuel prices. However, low fuel prices are not enough to make motor fuel affordable. For example, Australia is in second place surpassing more than twenty other countries with cheaper fuel. At the other extreme of the global rankings are Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. For example, in Uganda the minimum wage can buy only 1.84 liters of gasoline.

Most European countries are somewhere in the middle of the world rankings with an average of 461.4 liters. Among European countries, Luxembourg and Moldova are at the extremes with 1746 liters and 90.49 liters respectively.

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