Variation of gasoline prices within countries

Every week we at publish average prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG in over 100 countries. Where governments set uniform retail prices for the entire country, these are the rates paid at the pump and the rates we display. In contrast, where fuel markets are liberalized, our information represents weighted average reference price and sometimes differs from actual rates. The main reason for this is the variation of prices within countries which stems from market competition and other factors. Some of them are related to taxation and transportation costs. In many countries, most notably the United States, regional and local authorities have the autonomy to freely adjust fuel taxes. Hence a gallon of gasoline in California cost much more than in Texas. Another factor is transportation costs: remote locations with access to gasoline from a single source (e.g. one refinery or import terminal) usually suffer from higher prices.

The chart below shows the variation of gasoline prices across cities, regions or states within a given country. The higher the percentage, the wider the gap between the highest and the lowest retail price within this country. All calculations are based on price information from November and December 2014 except for the United States where the variation is calculated using prices in the period May 4 - 10, 2015.

To see the latest retail gasoline prices around the world please visit this page.

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