Chart: Top 10 countries with highest gasoline prices, January-June 2015

(Published July 23, 2015)

According to our data, the average global retail price of unleaded gasoline 95 is USD 1.05 per liter in the first six months of 2015 (for comparison, it is USD 0.98 per liter for diesel). These figures mask significant variations across countries and regions. As a rule of thumb, advanced economies experience higher fuel prices due to higher tax levels compared to most developing countries. Most fuel markets around the globe are exposed to the same prices of crude oil – the most important component of transport fuels – however, substantial differences in taxation and distribution costs override the weight of petroleum in final prices.

The chart below shows the ten countries with highest gasoline prices for the first six months of 2015. Figures are average of weekly rates collected by Gasoline was most expensive in Norway (USD 1.97 per liter), Bermuda (USD 1.93 per liter) and Hong Kong (USD 1.93 per liter). The UK is at the bottom of the chart, with average gasoline price of USD 1.71 per liter.

To see global fuel price trends in Q2 2015, check our first Quarterly Bulletin (PDF file).

To see current pump prices of gasoline around the world, please refer to this page.

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