Chart: EU excise duties on diesel

(Published May 27, 2015)

In Europe, taxes on motor fuels are higher compared to other countries of the developed world, most notably the United States. This is one of the reasons why Americans, on average, pay less at the pump compared to Europeans. As discussed in our post on gasoline excise duties in Europe, the European Union has established minimum levels of taxation for all transport and heating fuels which are applicable to sales in all Member States.

According to EU legislation, the excise rate for diesel for private transport purposes cannot go under 330 Euro per 1000 liters. The chart below presents excise duties in all 28 EU members. National currencies were converted to Euro based on exchange rate information provided by the OANDA Corporation. Compared to excise rates on gasoline, here we see less variation between tax levels in different countries.

To see current pump prices of diesel in the European Union and the rest of Europe, please refer to this page.

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