Global fuel prices API

We provide data on gasoline and diesel prices in about 100 countries that represent over 90 percent of the global consumption of petroleum products. The data are collected on a weekly basis using information from government institutions, regulatory agencies, major media sources, and oil companies.

Our client base includes the Bank of Canada, Barclays, Babcock International, Black Wood Seven, CAP Automotive, Descartes, Diageo, Dow Chemical, Euromonitor, Heineken, JATO Dynamics, LeasePlan International, McKinsey & Company, The Miles Consultancy, The Municipal Group of Companies, Nicenova Consulting, SABMiller, Swarovski, TomTom, and other companies. We are Bloomberg's partner in their quarterly review of world fuel prices. Our team is headed by Neven Valev, a Ph.D. economist with over 20 years experience in international economics research.

API access to our latest data via XML

The most recent data on fuel prices are available through an API allowing you to transfer automatically our latest data to your servers. After registering, select countries, the type of fuel, and currencies to obtain an XML link. The link can be placed in your system to download our data to your machine. The API gives access to:
    - gasoline and diesel prices in 103 countries
    - LPG prices in 43 countries
    - gasoline prices in 330 cities globally
    - gasoline and diesel prices across regions/states in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, and the U.S.
Restrictions on the use of the data

The data can we used for a variety of purposes including analyses, reports, transport cost calculations, benchmarking, development of web and mobile applications, etc. The only copyright restriction is to not republish the original data on the internet.

Historical data

The API gives access only to the most recent data points. Please visit the following page if you need historical data.


The subscription to the API cost 40 euro per month or 400 euro per year. You can register for a two-week free trial to determine if the data feed would be useful to you.

Making payments

Our payments are processed by PayPal. You don't need to be registered with PayPal to make a credit card or a debit card payment. Click on the BuyNow button and select "Pay with my credit or debit card". Please contact us if you prefer other forms of payment.

Further information

Please contact us with any questions.
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