Mozambique Gasoline prices

The current gasoline price in Mozambique is MZN 86.25 per liter or USD 1.35 per liter and was updated on 04-Dec-2023. For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world is USD 1.22 per liter.
Gasoline prices
 Current price 1.35
 Measure USD/Liter
 Last update 2023-12-04
 Data availability from 2014-05-12
 Data frequency Weekly
Source: Autoridade Reguladora de Energia

We have Octane-95 gasoline price data for Mozambique from 2014-05-12 to 2023-12-04. The average gasoline price during that period is MZN 62.89 per liter with a minimum of MZN 45.93 on 2014-05-12 and a maximum of MZN 86.97 on 2022-07-04. Our data are obtained from official government sources, regulatory agencies, petroleum companies, and major media sources. We update the series for Mozambique every week.

Gasoline prices
Price (MZN/Liter) Percent change
 Price now 86.25 -
 One month ago 86.25 0.0 %
 Three months ago 86.25 0.0 %
 One year ago 86.97 -0.8 %

Mozambique Gasoline prices, liter, Mozambique Metical

Mozambique Gasoline prices: Historical graph; 2014-05-12-2023-12-04
* A long flat line means that the government fixes the prices.

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