Aruba Diesel prices, 17-Jun-2024

The current price of diesel fuel in Aruba is AWG 2.18 per liter or USD 1.21 per liter based on the latest update from 17-Jun-2024. For comparison, the world average diesel price is USD 1.16 per liter.
Diesel prices
 Current price 1.21
 Measure USD/Liter
 Last update 2024-06-17
 Data availability from 2015-05-18
 Data frequency Weekly
Source: Aruba Gubierno

We show diesel price data for Aruba from 2015-05-18 to 2024-06-17. The average diesel price during that period is AWG 1.84 per liter with a minimum of AWG 1.15 on 2016-02-29 and a maximum of AWG 3.13 on 2022-07-11. Our data are obtained from official government sources, regulatory agencies, petroleum companies, and major media sources. We update the series for Aruba every week.

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Diesel prices
Price (AWG/Liter) Percent change
 Current price 2.18 -
 One month ago 2.28 -4.4 %
 Three months ago 2.36 -7.6 %
 One year ago 2.09 4.3 %

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Aruba Diesel prices: The last eight weeks

Aruba Diesel prices: The last eight weeks

Aruba Diesel prices, liter, Aruban Guilder

Aruba Diesel prices: Historical graph; 2015-05-18-2024-06-17
* A long flat line means that the government fixes the prices.
Aruba: Diesel price analytics
Percent of world average diesel price     97.37%
Correlation with crude oil prices     0.86
Percent change if oil prices increase 10%     4.86%
Correlation with USD exchange rate     -0.27
Price flexibility index: 0 (low) - 1 (high)     0.23
Correlation with gasoline prices     0.95
Percent of gasoline price     87.25%
Cost of 40 liter tank, percent of income     2.10%
Diesel consumption, percent of income     3.31%
Updated monthly. Methodological notes
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